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Ocean detectives

Activity Ocean Detectives Hero Catlin Arctic Survey

This experiment is an investigation into the varying salinity and acidity of the world’s oceans. You will place three ‘ocean’ samples on a map based on their chemical properties.

Ages 10+

(science lab)

25 minutes

You will be challenged to place three ‘ocean’ samples on a map based on their chemical properties.

Activity steps

  1. Collect your samples.
  2. Use a pipette to put a few drops of your first sample on the spotting tile.
  3. Add one drop of the Universal Indicator.
  4. Use pH chart to find the pH, and record this in your book.
  5. Use the mass balance to find the mass of your evaporating basin.
  6. Pour your first sample into the evaporating basin.
  7. Heat the solution over a medium flame to evaporate the water.
  8. Allow the basin to cool.
  9. Use the mass balance to find the mass of the evaporating basin with the salt residue inside.
  10. Find the mass of the salt residue.
  11. Find the concentration of salt in the sample.
  12. Repeat this for the other ocean samples.

Safety guidance

  • Wear goggles throughout.
  • Bunsens should be lit on safety flame.
  • Do not add Universal indicator to the full solution and then heat it. Instead, add the indicator to a small sample in a spotting tile.

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