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Sea champion pledge

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Everyone wants to live on a planet with a healthy ocean. Understanding how to help is often the first challenge. In this activity you will pledge to reduce ocean plastic pollution and plan how to take action to become a Sea Champion.


20 minutes


The Sea Champion pledge is a way to commit to changes that reduce ocean plastic pollution. It’s also a great chance to get creative and make an eye catching pledge poster!

The activities Plastic bin weigh-in and Problem plastic hunt will help you come up with suitable actions to reduce plastic waste at home, and we’ve created a template that can help you with your design. Once you have finished, write your name on the pledge and plan the action you will take to protect our oceans.

Make sure that you put your pledge up somewhere visible at home as a reminder – maybe stick it on the fridge or pin it to a noticeboard.

Activity steps
  1. Read the pledge action ideas in the Find out more section and also from the Plastic bin weigh-in and Problem plastic hunt activities to provide inspiration for how you can create positive changes to reduce ocean plastic pollution.
  2. Choose the actions you will take and include them in the design of a Sea Champion pledge poster! Get creative – you can use any materials that you want, from paints to collage – you could even write a pledge poem!
  3. By writing your name on the pledge and putting it on display in your home you can remind yourself of the actions you’re going to take every day!
  4. Lastly, share your pledge to inspire your friends. You could post a photo of your pledge or even record a video of you reading it out loud. Make sure you tag @commonseas when posting, and please use the hashtag #SeaChampions. Thank you!
Safety guidance
  • If you are posting work on social media, this should be done via a parent, guardian or school account for children under the age of 13. Children over the age of 13 should still be supervised by an adult. Check out the Thinkuknow website for more guidance on online safety.

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