Designing our smart city pt. 3

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Lesson overview

In part three of the workshop each group will discuss different ways of sharing ideas then create articles, posters, videos, photo galleries or reports to persuade their audience that their prototypes are worth taking forward. Then each group will present their prototypes and demonstrate their ideas in action using the mBot as part of a working display.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand why sharing ideas is important
  • Name at least one job associated with communication
  • Identify a variety of different media and describe when each might be used
  • Plan and prepare a group presentation
  • Select and create an appropriate way of sharing a project
  • Present and explain a group project
  • Share learning

Lesson steps

  1. Video opener (5 mins)
    Communicating ideas, introducing the ideas of different audiences and different methods of communication.
  2. Classroom discussion (10 mins)
    The class will discuss the video and link different methods of communication with the audiences they might reach.
  3. Design thinking: share (20 mins)
    Each group will prepare their prototype project for a ‘show and tell’, including an explanation of the problem the prototype is solving, a demonstration and one example of how they would share their project beyond the class.
  4. Present and reflect (25 mins)
    Each group will give a short ‘show and tell’ of their prototype to the class, including the thought process behind it. The class will then reflect on their learning and achievements across the whole unit of work.

Equipment required (per group)

  • Student mBot prototype
  • Laptop or tablet with mBlock