What organisms live in the Arctic?

Lesson overview

Students develop their understanding of simple food chains or webs and scientific vocabulary through making an Arctic life mobile. They will also be introduced to the work of marine scientist, Dr Ceri Lewis, who has worked in the Arctic investigating the impact of environmental change on this fragile ecosystem.

Learning outcomes
  • Name five Arctic organisms
  • Use scientific vocabulary correctly
  • Draw simple food chains
  • Draw a food chain with the correct arrows
  • Construct a food web
Lesson steps
  1. Brief from Dr Ceri Lewis (10 mins)
    Use the slides to set the context and share the learning outcomes.
  2. Researching Arctic organisms (15 mins)
    Students research the organisms living in the Arctic using the interactive Thinglink tool.
  3. Food chains (10 mins)
    Students learn to show feeding relationships with food chains and webs from the slides.
  4. Arctic mobiles (20 mins)
    Students demonstrate their learning by building a food chain or food web mobile of the Arctic community.
  5. Self-reflection (5 mins)
    Using slides, students consider how alternative ‘teachers’ may have delivered the lesson.