How do humans and animals keep warm in the Arctic?

Lesson overview

In this lesson, students investigate the insulating properties of materials and consider how the adaptations of Arctic organisms help develop these. The context of the lesson is helping to develop new clothing for Tyler Fish, one of the Catlin Arctic Survey explorers.

Learning outcomes
  • Describe the conditions in the Arctic
  • Make a prediction
  • Investigate the insulating properties of three different materials
  • Demonstrate learning by producing a poster with a graph and conclusion
Lesson steps
  1. Brief from Tyler Fish (10 mins)
    Use the slides to set the context and share the learning outcomes.
  2. Keeping warm in the Arctic (10 mins)
    Use the slides to stimulate students’ ideas about how materials are used to keep explorers and animals warm in the Arctic.
  3. Practical activities (25 mins)
    Students investigate the insulating abilities of three different materials.
  4. Scientific poster (15 mins)
    Students present and use their findings to make a recommendation to Tyler.