How is the Arctic changing?

Lesson overview

In this lesson students learn about the impacts of ice in the Arctic melting by watching a series of demonstrations. The context of the lesson is the work of Dr Helen Findlay who was investigating the effect of environmental change on the Arctic ecosystem.

Learning outcomes
  • Describe the conditions in the Arctic
  • Describe how the Arctic is changing
  • Explain the cause and possible outcome of one problem facing the Arctic
Lesson steps
  1. Inuit words for ice (10 mins)
    Use the slides to set the context and share the learning outcomes. Students describe the ice in different photos from the slides.
  2. Why is the Arctic important and how is it changing? (10 mins)
    Students consider why the Arctic is important using the slides. Students watch the Sea ice 1979-2012 video and use the slides to learn how the Arctic is changing.
  3. Arctic problems activities (25 mins)
    Work with students on one or more of the demonstrations and use the slides to explain how the melting ice caps could cause a variety of problems.
  4. Explaining issues (10 mins)
    Students demonstrate their learning by sorting short sentences into logical paragraphs or completing a storyboard.
  5. Self-reflection (5 mins)
    Using slides, students consider ‘What ifs?’ about learning in the lesson.