Ocean detectives

Lesson overview

Students work scientifically by using analytical techniques in a systematic way to identify mixed up samples of ocean water. The context of the lesson is a mix up in a lab which students have to use their skills to solve.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the wider context and learning outcomes
  • Work systematically
  • Demonstrate and reflect on learning

Lesson steps

  1. Scenario (10 mins)
    Use the slides to set the context and share the learning outcomes.
  2. Planning investigation card sort (10 mins)
    Students sort the cards into an order that will allow them to identify their samples systematically.
  3. Practical work (30 mins)
    Students use pH and the mass of salt residue to identify which oceans the different samples came from.
  4. Self-reflection (10 mins)
    Students reflect on their learning by considering how they could work more systematically, using the slide as a stimulus.