Frozen Oceans

Cross-curricular | Ages 7-11

The Frozen Oceans (Primary) education programme is based on journeys undertaken by explorers and scientists taking part in the Catlin Arctic Surveys between 2009 and 2011.

The activity ideas and accompanying resources are designed to introduce students to what life is like in the High Arctic and the importance of learning about this extreme environment.

Each of the five lessons include teacher guidance, slideshows, activity overviews, student sheets and links to multimedia that aim to inspire children to discover the life of polar researchers.

These resources can be used across the curriculum and can be combined with the annual Arctic Live event. Every spring this unique interactive event connects thousands of students worldwide to science expedition teams based at the UK Arctic Research Station in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard.

Lesson 1: What organisms live in the Arctic?

Students develop their understanding of simple food chains or webs and scientific vocabulary through making an Arctic life mobile.

Lesson 2: How do you train like an Arctic explorer?

In this lesson students simulate the training of Arctic explorers to learn how lifestyles can affect physical and mental health.

Lesson 3: How do you eat like an Arctic explorer?

Students learn about diet and the importance of a balanced diet through the experiences of polar explorers.

Lesson 4: How do humans and animals keep warm in the Arctic?

Students investigate the insulating properties of materials and consider how the adaptations of Arctic organisms help develop these.

Lesson 5: How is the Arctic changing?

Students learn about the impacts of ice in the Arctic melting by watching a series of demonstrations.

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