Ocean & Climate

Science | Ages 11-14

This unit will evolve with the Convex Seascape Survey, a five-year journey to understand more about the ocean and climate. This includes both how the ocean is affected by climate change, and also how the ocean can be part of the solution.

This first lesson is an introduction to the carbon cycle, both on land and in the ocean, and how an imbalance in the carbon cycle caused by human activity is driving climate change.

Lesson 1: The carbon cycle and climate

An introduction to the carbon cycle and climate change, featuring gamified activities and a knowledge organiser.

Lesson 2: How is life adapted to ocean habitats?

This lesson introduces students to the range of ocean habitats. It extends students’ knowledge of adaptation, interdependence, and biodiversity to…

Lesson 3: The other carbon problem

This is a practical lesson developing investigation and working scientifically skills in the context of the other carbon problem, ocean acidification.

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