Design task

Lesson overview

In this the final design and technology Key Stage 3 (KS3) lesson, students will apply their understanding of the 6 Rs. The focus of this lesson is to design an ocean friendly product. Students will work in groups to research, design, and pitch. Included are teacher resources which structure students independent and group activities.

Learning outcomes
  • Define sustainable design
  • Design an ocean friendly product
  • Draw your product design
  • Reflect and evaluate your product design
Lesson steps
  1. Introduction (5 mins)
    Students define what they consider to be sustainable design.
  2. Sustainable design (30 mins)
    Students choose a product which they will design to make ocean friendly. They research the current product, identify why it is not ocean friendly, design their product, then explain how it solves the problem.
  3. Pitch carousel (20 mins)
    Student move around the room and listen to other groups pitch their new product.
  4. Reflection (5 mins)
    Students must practise metacognition by imagining the feedback they would receive from a seahorse, a retailer, and their competitor.