Our wonderful oceans 11-14

Lesson overview

This lesson introduces students to the marine habitat and encourages a discussion around what they already know about the ocean. Students use globes and maps to locate the different ocean basins before learning the names and key features of iconic marine species. Students then use information sheets to discover how humans use the ocean, presenting their findings in a fact-sheet.

Learning outcomes
  • Review prior knowledge of ocean
  • Name and locate and describe the world’s oceans
  • Describe the features of iconic marine species
  • Explain how humans use the ocean
  • Reflect on learning
Lesson steps
  1. Ocean habitat introduction (5 minutes)
    Students are introduced to the marine habitat and share their prior knowledge about the ocean.
  2. The blue planet (30 minutes)
    Students study maps and globes to discover how much of the earth is covered in water, mapping the world’s ocean basins, their physical features and important marine ecosystems.
  3. Competing creatures (10 minutes)
    Using information about the iconic marine species, students play a game of Competing creatures in pairs matching and comparing the marine ecosystems and animals.
  4. Humans and the oceans (10 minutes)
    Students compile a list of ways humans use the oceans and start thinking about how our actions affect the ocean.
  5. Reflection (5 minutes)
    In pairs students recall three new things they learnt today. Students reflect on what else they would like to know and share questions with the teacher.