Our ocean and us 7-11

Lesson overview

In this lesson students are introduced to the concept of ecosystem goods and services, through discovering how we depend on the oceans for food, transport, livelihoods and more. Students work in groups to plan and create a diorama which illustrates some of the goods and services the ocean provides. Students also reflect on how damaging this ecosystem could be detrimental for all of us.

Learning outcomes
  • Give examples of how we rely on the oceans
  • Understand how an ecosystem produces goods and services
  • Use knowledge and understanding to plan a group project
  • Work collaboratively in a group
  • Justify and explain choices
Lesson steps
  1. How do we depend on the ocean? (5 mins)
    Students are asked to reflect on how we rely on the ocean and explore some of the ways we depend on it for food, transport and livelihoods.
  2. Goods and services quiz (10 mins)
    Students take a quiz which demonstrates the array of goods and services provided by the ocean ecosystem.
  3. Planning and preparation (10 mins)
    In groups students choose five ways the ocean ecosystem can provide goods and services and begin to plan their diorama.
  4. Diorama time (25 mins)
    In groups students use plasticine, building blocks, construction materials or any other media to construct a 3D diorama of the ocean which demonstrates its goods and services.
  5. Presentation (10 mins)
    Groups take turns to display and describe their diorama, explaining each aspect of it and how it relates to the ocean ecosystem.
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