Encounter Edu designs and delivers sponsored STEM and global learning programs transforming education inside and outside the classroom.

We specialise in producing live lessons on global topics for the classroom and create bespoke education programmes designed to engage and inspire. Our immersive learning experiences give students the necessary understanding and skills to tackle the world's most pressing issues.

With over 40 per cent of the global population between the ages of ten and 24, we believe building young people's empathy for and literacy of issues from ocean health to climate change, and artificial intelligence to refugees will not only spark their curiosity but also trigger their engagement on the topics.

We have won awards for our education approach and work, and our programs have featured in national and international press.

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Work with us

We offer clients and partners the opportunity to turn education and brand priorities into meaningful impact for young people. What you see on the Encounter Edu platform is the result of this work.

See our services to be part of this journey to give young people the education they deserve.

About Us Brains International School A class during AXA Arctic Live. Courtesy: Brains International School, Spain