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Whales are amazing creatures. Here are some (fun) facts about five of the most iconic great whale species.

Blue whale iStock / Wirestock
Blue whale

Max length 33 metres

Max weight 190 tonnes

Age up to 90 years

Did you know?

The blue whale is the biggest animal that has ever lived. Its tongue weighs the same as an elephant.

Fin whale iStock / JG1153
Fin whale

Max length 27 metres

Max weight 120 tonnes

Age up to 90 years

Did you know?

The fin whale is the fastest of the great whales, with top speeds of 25 mph. Fin whales eat two tons of food each day, that's the weight of a hippo.

Sperm whale iStock / eco2drew
Sperm whale

Max length 18 metres

Max weight 42 tonnes

Age up to 60 years

Did you know?

The sperm whale has the biggest brain in the world at 9 kg. It hunts for squids and sharks at depths down to 3,000 m.

Humpback whale iStock / heckepics
Humpback whale

Max length 17 metres

Max weight 36 tonnes

Age up to 50 years

Did you know?

Humpback whales have unique tails like human fingerprints. Male humpback whales create the most complex 'songs' of all the great whales.

Southern right whale iStock / Catherine Withers-Clarke
Southern right whale

Max length 17 metres

Max weight 47 tonnes

Age up to 70 years

Did you know?

The southern right whale is the slowest of the great whales with speeds of 6 mph. It communicates mostly using belch (burp) noises.