Arctic Live Teacher Guidance

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The AXA Arctic Live 2020 Teacher Guidance provides you with all the information you need to take part in this live event.

AXA Arctic Live is a free live event connecting students to scientists working from the UK’s Arctic Research Station in Ny Alesund, Svalbard. Running for its seventh edition in 2020, it has established itself as the world’s most northerly live education event.

Between 4-15 May inclusive, Encounter Edu will host 25 live lessons to bring life and science in the Arctic to classrooms around the world.

Registration is open for schools to explore pressing global issues with scientists from the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory working on plastics and ocean acidification in the Arctic.

This is an opportunity to take students on a free virtual field trip to the Arctic to build ocean literacy, practise working scientifically, inspire STEM careers and develop environmental stewardship.


How to get involved?
  1. Browse and book upcoming broadcasts to suit your class.
  2. Prepare for your live lesson with tech and teaching tips.
  3. Take part on the day with joining instructions stored in your profile.