Get started with 360VR in the classroom

All you need to access the 360VR media on Encounter Edu is a compatible device and good internet connection, preferably WiFi rather than mobile data.

You can view the microsite on a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device, although it has been designed to work best on a smartphone, and will work with most up-to-date Android and iOS smartphones.

Compatible Android smartphones

  • Running Android version 4.4 or higher
  • Latest version of Chrome browser for Android (while the Chrome browser is optimal, recent updates have caused issues with VR rendering and we recommend the use of Firefox while this issue is fixed by the Google Chrome team)
  • Inbuilt gyroscope so that the photo or video moves with the phone’s movement

Compatible iPhones

  • iPhone 5/5S and newer
  • Running iOS version 8 or higher
  • Latest version of Chrome or Safari browser for iOS (while the Chrome browser is optimal, recent updates have caused issues with VR rendering and we recommend the use of Firefox while this issue is fixed by the Google Chrome team)

To view 360 media

  1. Navigate to the Encounter Edu 360 Highlights collection using a suitable smartphone and browser.
  2. Select any of the videos or galleries from the list.
  3. The photos or video previews will move as you move your device around and you can explore these environments in full 360 degrees.
  4. View the photos or videos in fullscreen mode by pressing the full-screen icon in the bottom right.
  5. You can also use your smartphone with a virtual reality viewer. Click on the goggle icon on the photo or video and place your smartphone into your virtual reality viewer following the viewer’s instructions.
  6. Lift to eyes and experience a new world!
Submarine Stem Sci 7 11 Thumb

Science | Ages Ages 7-11

Submarine STEM

This unique scheme of work for Key Stage 2 combines science and design technology to discover the wonders of deep-sea exploration through a series of stimulating and immersive lessons.

Submarine Stem Sci 11 14 Thumb

Science | Ages 11-14

Submarine STEM

Submarine STEM challenges students to consider aspects of submarine design. Each lesson contains a practical investigation examining the scientific principles involved in exploring the deep ocean.

Coral Oceans Science 11 14 Thumb

Science | Ages 11-14

Coral Oceans

These resources for ages 11-14 are based on the journeys undertaken by science teams taking part in the XL Catlin Seaview Survey expeditions. Starting with the Great Barrier Reef in 2012, these expeditions seek to create a baseline survey of the world's reefs as well as more in-depth research on the deep reef lying between 30m and 100m.

Coral Oceans Science 14 16 Thumb

Science | Ages 14-16

Coral Oceans

This Coral Oceans GCSE Science unit of work challenges students to think about the impact they have on coral reefs as they study their importance, the consequences of threats and how to protect them. The cumulative approach to this unit means students will develop skills throughout to complete a decision-making exercise in the last lesson.

Coral Oceans at home 7 11 Cover

Science | Ages 11-14

Coral Oceans at home

This unit, designed to be used at home, focuses on the coral reefs for students aged 11-14. It covers elements of the key stage 3 science programme of study, through the adventures of coral science expeditions.

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