How to: Use Google Hangouts Meet

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Technology basics

The minimum equipment needed to conduct a Google Hangouts Meet session is:

  • A networked device (desktop, laptop or tablet).
  • Good internet connection capable of streaming video.
  • The Google Chrome web browser (if you don't have Chrome, you can freely install it from:

  • Webcam (integrated into your laptop or external).
  • Microphone and speakers (preferably external).

Optional extras that will improve the learning experience:

  • Digital projector and screen or interactive whiteboard.
  • External speakers will improve the sound quality, so the whole class will hear.

Using Google Hangouts Meet for the first time

To join a Google Hangouts Meet conversation, you only need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer. Before the video conversation day, both partner schools will receive an invitation with a link from the organising team via email. Once you access the link, simply click on 'Join Meeting' to get the video call started, with no other requirements.

Tips on making the best of your Meet call

  • During the video call, the image you will see on the screen will shift from your classroom to your partner's, depending on who is speaking. To stop the changing screens, simply click on the image with your partner's screen on the right side of the window and this will be pinned for the entire conversation.
  • You can use the chat window on the right-hand side to exchange text messages with your partner.
  • You can share a presentation on your laptop with your partner by choosing the 'Presentation' option (share your entire screen) below. Your partner will then stop seeing your classroom and start seeing what you have on your laptop.

See more info on Google Suite's Learning Centre:

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Citizenship / English | Ages 7-11, Ages 11-14

My Voice-My School

My Voice-My school gives students the opportunity to share their ideas about education and their future. The project is grounded in the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, with a focus on Goal 4 Quality Education. These lesson plans and resources for ages 9-12 are based on video conversations between schools.

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Citizenship / English | Ages 11-14, Ages 14-16

My Voice-My School

My Voice-My School focuses on the topic of quality education as enshrined in the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Connecting UNRWA's schools with partner schools overseas, the project seeks to stimulate student conversation about quality education and what individuals and communities can do to help make it a reality for all.