Code Smart


What is Code Smart?

What does Code Smart mean? Listen to 3 interpretations of why coding and robotics are important.

Look! Driving with no hands! (360)

Take a ride in a self-driving car

Building your robot

Assembling the mBot in four phases

What is code?

Introducing code and its relationship to hardware

Uploading code to your robot

Uploading code to your mBot ​in simple steps

Where am I?

Where am I? The first of three questions used to define mobile autonomy

What's around me?

What's around me? The second of three questions used to define mobile autonomy

What do I do next?

What do I do next? The third of three questions used to define mobile autonomy

Failing is good

Becoming a good coder by 'getting things wrong'

Safety and autonomous vehicles

Learning about safety in the world of autonomous cars

Design thinking

Problem solving is the essence of Design Thinking


Prototyping is an important design exercise

Communications and marketing

Learning to sell a product to a target audience through the right channels

Images & galleries

Comparing my mBot to a driverless car interactive

How is the mBot similar to a driverless car? How is it different?

Look inside our self-driving car interactive

What's happening inside a self-driving car?

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