Plankton, Plastics and Poo 14-16


Investigating the impact of microplastics

​Introducing the issue of marine plastics and its impact

Science under sail

An insight into field sampling techniques for plastics

Science in the lab

Find out how scientists investigate the impact of plastics

Science and society

How can science help understand the impact of plastics?

Images & galleries

Energy flow in the marine community

Discover how energy flows through the marine ecosystem

The marine carbon cycle

What would happen in the carbon cycle if there were no zooplankton?

Carbon stores

Where is carbon stored?


How toxins build up through the food web

Marine plastic pollution

Understand some of the impacts of marine plastics

Beach litter

What rubbish do we find on the world’s beaches?

Sources of microplastics

Where do microplastics come from?

Microplastics field research

What are microplastics?

Microplastics lab work

Find what takes place in a marine plastics lab

Trawling for copepods

Follow a day in the life of an Arctic researcher looking at plankton

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