Program Impact

Fostering empathy over shared experiences

Between 2014-2018, over 900 students in the Middle East, Europe and the USA worked together through online exchanges to share their vision and advocate for a quality education for every child, wherever they are.

2+ million

The program reflected the principles and practices of the UNRWA education reform and its Education in Emergencies Programme through its focus on student participation. Students were encouraged to share ideas about teaching, learning, and the use of technology in the classroom.

Classroom Feedback

Seventy five teachers from both UNRWA and partner schools were trained in using educational technologies, student-centric learning techniques and virtual exchange methods.

Teachers' feedback ranks virtual exchange as the most impactful learning tool to improve education outcomes followed by project based learning and learning and teaching facilitation techniques.

UNRWA education specialists reported observing increased student attainment and confidence as a result of speaking to their peers internationally.

“The project encouraged my students to know more about the country of our partner school... They were so surprised to find out that people in Belgium speak three official languages. They liked the diversity. It gave a good insight on the importance of accepting others"...

Susan Musleh

Teacher at Zaitoun Prep B Girls School, Gaza


My Voice My School is an effective advocacy tool, providing a platform for positive youth voices and showcasing donors continued commitment to education.

Forging connections with students in Syria CNN
CNN 2016

The multimedia content produced during the project was used to amplify the students' voices in mainstream media and social media platforms. The lively exchanges provide insight on how living conditions affect students’ education.

In 2016-2017, social media posts reached 1.89 million and press coverage has included Reuters, VRT (Belgium), TV2 (Norway), CNN, BBC World Service, Daily Star (Lebanon) and Mashable among countless others.

“Some of my students are looking in every newspaper for some news of Gaza. I myself have a chance to develop my ideas about the concept of quality education”.

Wannes Anrys

Teacher at Unescoscool Sterrenbos, Hamme, Belgium