Arctic Live 2019 Ny Alesund Hero

1 May 2019 - 8 May 2019

AXA Arctic Live 2019

AXA XL Arctic Live 2019 makes part of the AXA XL Ocean education series. Running for the last six year, it has established itself as the most northerly live education event.

This live learning event offers thousands of young people a portal through which to explore the issues and news headlines about climate change via direct engagement with leading scientists. Polar regions are changing rapidly, with the Arctic experiencing the highest levels of warming of any area on the planet.

Live streaming from UK Arctic Research Station in Ny-Alesund, Svalbard, the AXA XL Arctic Live team connected students around the world to the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory's micro-plastics and ocean acidification field research.

We ran 25 broadcasts over five days. Each day began with a live investigation, followed by an interview with an expert and an ask me anything. The live investigation and expert interview were repeated in the afternoon to ensure schools in the mid-Atlantic and the Americas could participate.

Arctic Live is underpinned by teaching resources to aid class preparation and reflection. The whole program is designed to build student literacy, develop critical skills, inspire STEM careers and engage environmental stewardship.

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Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop
Founder and Director, Encounter Edu, UK
Nick Cox
Station Manager, UK Arctic Research Station, Svalbard
Hannah Green
PhD Researcher, University of Exeter / Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Dr Ceri Lewis
Senior Lecturer in Marine Biology, University of Exeter, UK
Ellie Mackay
Science communicator and Filmmaker, UK
Clara Nielson
PhD Researcher, University of Exeter, UK

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