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Ocean plastics with Dr Ceri Lewis

This session is your chance to ask Dr Ceri Lewis, a Senior Lecturer in Marine Biology at the University of Exeter, about her research into microplastics in the Arctic and beyond.

Submit your students’ questions in advance to increase their chance of being answered, or you can submit them live.

There were technical issues with this live broadcast. These sometimes occur due to the nature of our locations. Please visit this alternative lesson filmed on the same day.

Broadcast on Tue 7 May 2019
  • 45 mins
  • Ages 11-14, Ages 14-16

Preparing for this session is a great opportunity to develop your students' questioning skills. Use the selection of guides and advice in the Arctic Live Professional Development collection to support this process. Think of a variety of questions, especially open-ended questions and questions that you couldn’t just find the answer to using a search engine.

Session outline

1. Introduction (5 mins)

The session will start with an introduction by Jamie to Dr Ceri Lewis who will explain a little about her role at the UK Arctic Research Station. Jamie will also give a shout-out to any schools that registered, so listen out for your school.

2. Pre-submitted questions (10 mins)

Jamie will then conduct a structured interview using questions which have been submitted by schools in advance.

3. Live questions (30 mins)

Ceri and Jamie will then attempt to answer as many of the pre-submitted and live chat questions from schools as possible.


Arctic Live 2019 Jamie Buchanan Dunlop

Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop

Executive Director, Encounter Edu

Arctic Live 2019 Ceri Lewis

Dr Ceri Lewis

Associate Professor, Exeter University, UK

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