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Deep sea adventure

For this second lesson of Submarine Live 2022, we go on an adventure with one of the mission scientists to discover some of the life that lives in the ocean depths around the Maldives.

With 40 different shark species and 18 different species of ray in the Maldives, classes will learn about deep sea life and how it is adapted to live in the high-pressure and dark zones of the ocean. Students will be able to compare life in the deep ocean with living things in more familiar habitats.

Broadcast on Wed 28 Sept 2022
  • 45 mins
  • Ages 7-11 / KS2

This lesson is a great opportunity for students to apply their knowledge of living things to a new environment.

There are two student sheets that can be downloaded for this lesson. You may want to print these out for students. The Deep sea adventure student sheet will be updated with species nearer the broadcast, once we have received images from the expedition team.

If you have never joined a live lesson before, visit the support centre, where you can find a range of technical and educational information.

Once booked, questions generated by your class can be submitted in advance via the Live Lessons tab in your profile.

Lesson steps

1. Introduction (5 minutes)

We welcome classes to the expedition and location, meeting our guest speaker. This is also a chance to go over the learning for the lesson and cover digital housekeeping.

2. How deep is the sea? (5 minutes)

Before going on our deep sea adventure, we will learn about the different zones in the ocean all the way from the surface down to the deepest point in our ocean, the Challenger Deep, at nearly 11km below sea level.

3. Life in deep (5 mins)

What kind of life is found in the deep ocean? It is one of the least explored parts of our planet, and some of the life that has been documented is almost alien-like in appearance. Our mission scientist will share some of their favourite deep sea creatures.

4. Submersible dive (15 mins)

We will then go on a dive in one of the submersibles and try to spot as many different types of life as possible. We will go through the dive launch sequence together with classes. As we descend into the deep, we will be guided by the mission scientist in discovering new life, how it is adapted to the deep, and how it differs from more familiar species.

5. Q&A (15 minutes)

This is a chance for children to ask any questions they have about living things in the deep sea and some of the strange life that can be found there. Do any of your students already have any favourites? Have the team found the Kraken yet?!

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Sheena Talma

Science Manager & Fish Biologist, Nekton

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