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Adaptation in the ocean

This exciting activity explores how sharks are adapted to be the ultimate marine predators. The investigation examines the relationship between shape and water resistance. This lesson will be broadcast from the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, giving students the chance to see sharks up close.

Broadcast on Wed 11 Nov 2020
  • 45 mins
  • Ages 11-14
Curriculum links

Evolution and inheritance

  • differences between species
  • the variation between species and between individuals of the same species means some organisms compete more successfully, which can drive natural selection

If you have never joined a live lesson before, see the guidance hub, where you will find technical and educational support.

Live lessons work best when students have some prior knowledge and have prepared questions. You can select from any of the STEAM activities in the Coral Oceans collection or teach a one-off Coral Live prep lesson.

Questions generated by your class can be submitted via the Encounter Live tab in your Encounter Edu profile.

This lesson is based around the Streamlined sharks activity and if your students are following live, you will need to gather these activity resources in advance.

Session steps

1. Introduction (5 mins)
The session will open with a welcome from Jamie and a brief introduction to the expedition, as well as welcoming Joe Farrow, Schools Officer at the Ocean Conservation Trust.

2. Subject knowledge (10 mins)
Jamie will explain some of the reasons that sharks have hardly changed in 100 million years and will go on to pose questions for students to reflect on about what would make the ultimate coral animal. Jamie will explain about shapes, adaptations, and fair tests.

3. Activity time (15 mins)
Jamie and Joe will delve deeper into shark adaptations, shapes, and introduce students to different species of shark.

4. Q&A and conclusion (15 mins)
After completing the activity Jamie and Joe will answer some of the questions students have submitted.


Coral Live 2018 Jamie Buchanan Dunlop

Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop

Executive Director, Encounter Edu

Coral Live 2020 Joe Farrow

Joe Farrow

Schools Officer, Ocean Conservation Trust

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