Coral Live Prep 11-14

Lesson overview

In this lesson, students begin to develop their questioning skills while interacting with 360 multimedia. Students learn more about the environment and animals which live there before using navigational terminology and six-figure grid references in a coral reef fish hunt. Finally, students understanding is assessed through a quiz.

Learning outcomes
  • Locate Curaçao on a map
  • Engage with a new environment
  • Formulate higher order questions
  • Describe the weather conditions in the southern Caribbean
  • List animals that live on the reef
  • Describe why research on the coral reef is important
  • Describe positions of objects on a map using key terms
  • Use six-figure grid referencing
Lesson steps
  1. Introduction (5 mins)

    Students are introduced to the lesson and learning outcomes.

  2. Coral question generation (5 mins)

    Students use images of the coral reef and Curaçao to formulate their own questions about what life is like living and working on Curaçao.

  3. Coral scientist questions (20 mins)

    Using de Bono’s six thinking hats, students construct their own questions.

  4. What is Curaçao like? (10 mins)

    Students are introduced to the weather conditions and animals that are found on the coral reef.

  5. Why go to the coral reef? (5 mins)

    Students are introduced to two scientific researchers and learn why research on the coral reef is important.

  6. Coral fish hunt (10 mins)

    Students identify where the coral fish are on the map using navigational terms and six-figure grid references.

  7. Coral quiz (5 mins)

    Students complete a quiz testing their knowledge of coral.