Coral Live 2018 field update: Flat out

Day 2: The #MacGyver level fixing started late on Monday, and lasted until the small hours of this morning with very little sleep in between. Beaming the wonders of the reef and coral science live to classrooms means so much to us. It's such a privilege to be out here and have the ability to share this with you.

Field trips are like this. Sometimes things just don't work. The sponge research team, Jasper and Ben were also up late making traps for sponge poop, to see how this changes with different conditions

It was heartening to be working alongside experienced marine scientists, hearing that the contraption they were making was version 50-something of their apparatus to study sponges on the reef.

By about 2.30am we had run enough tests on the new system to feel that we could get three hours sleep before a full day of broadcasts.

And what a joy it was to see your tweets coming through...

We knew that Coral Live this year was ambitious and we were hit by a Curacao-wide internet black out this afternoon.

A quick snorkel out to the reef to gain some perspective and float for a few minutes in a long day, and we are back to it, preparing for Friday.

Thank you so much for this awesome experience! Our 3rd graders have a million questions and are hooked!

And we end with our favourite quote from the day from Jack Jackter Intermediate Schoool.