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Clara Nielson on Arctic Live 2019

Clara Nielson


PhD Researcher in marine ecotoxicology / expert worm digger, University of Exeter

Role on Arctic Live

Science team, specialising in pulling the sled with all the samples, showing the newbies around, and working without being able to feel my fingers.

Most looking forward to...

Being in Ny Alesund again, it is just breath-takingly beautiful here, and of course getting good data.

Favourite thing about the Arctic...

The views and the wildlife, especially Wally the whale (I called him Wally because we couldn’t find him).

Why fieldwork is important...

To get a true sense of the environment, you need to be in it.

Marine creature I would be...

Tuskfish, because they are one of the only fish to use tools, so are pretty nifty.