As part of AXA XL commitment to sustainability and the environment, this global (re)insurer has supported ocean science research and related education outreach since 2009. Working in partnership with Encounter Edu, AXA XL (ex-XL Catlin contribution to oceans' research has turn into a long-lasting legacy of ocean literate young people.

Why the oceans?

With 72% of the earth covered by the ocean, we’re more Planet Ocean than Planet Earth. Yet, we are only just coming to grips with the vital role oceans play in human lives. The statics are amazing. The oceans:

  • provide 66% of the oxygen that we breathe,
  • represent 95% of the living space on the planet,
  • are the #1 source of protein for over 1 billion people.

Equally great is the damage human activity is wreaking on the diverse life supporting ecosystem:

  • 90% of big fish such as tuna, swordfish and sharks have gone;
  • ocean acidity has increased by 30% since 1750;
  • and an estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the world's oceans are threatening marine life.

To understand human impact and young people become effective decision-makers, AXA XL is the proud sponsor of research and educational programmes that are exploring changes to our planet's oceans.

Since 2011, AXA Oceans Education has been bringing together findings from the Catlin Arctic Survey, the XL Catlin Seaview Survey and the XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey in award-winning online learning materials for teachers and students. What started off as one off initiatives, has turned into a response setting a legacy for the future.

Oceans education

Encounter Edu (ex-Dgital Explorer) initially partnered with AXA XL (ex-XL Catlin) in 2011 to develop a frozen ocean education programme, the education outreach component of XL Catlin's sponsored research surveying the health of the Arctic Ocean. Over the next seven year, Digital Explorer and XL Catlin continued to develop their marine education collaboration. This has resulted in today's AXA's legacy of research being turned into a legacy of oceans literacy for students globally.

AXA Oceans Education supports teachers seeking to enrich design, science, geography learning. Encounter Edu's resources are standard-aligned permits teachers to deliver the curriculum at the same time as introducing students to this vital ecosystem and topic. In 2014, upon Encounter Edu's successful government lobbying, oceans are an official subject of study in the National Curriculum for England.

AXA Oceans Education resources are comprised of: Our Ocean Planet, Frozen Oceans, Coral Oceans, and Submarine STEM adapted to teach science and geography for ages of seven to 16. Each resource includes lesson plans, activity sheets, and support materials such as videos, galleries and 360VR content. Resources are brought to life with the annual live expedition outreach events XL Catlin Arctic Live and XL Catlin Coral Live.

This innovative way of connecting student to the world has grown in impact. To date, AXA Oceans Education has reached over 4.2 million students in 96 countries.

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