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Carbon dice activity

Activity carbon dice hero

This activity focuses on the processes in the global carbon cycle. It can be played individually or in small groups of two to four. Each player will move their counter around the board using the instructions. Players will use a dice to see how their carbon counter will move around the different stores in the carbon cycle.

Ages 11+

20 mins

This activity is designed to review the processes involved in the global carbon cycle. It can be used as a standalone activity, with subject knowledge revision of each of the processes included under the Find out more tab.

Set up

Download the board and instructions from the What you’ll need tab and print a copy for each of group or individual. Each group will need a dice, and each individual will need a counter such as a pen top or coin, as well as a copy of the record sheet.

As a reference for the processes, students can view the Carbon cycle interactive (intermediate).

Activity steps
  1. Each player should choose a starting carbon store their counter.
  2. Take it in turns to roll the dice and locate the instructions for that carbon store. Move the counter as appropriate.
  3. Record the movement and the relevant process on the sheet (download from What you’ll need tab)
  4. Each player should take ten turns.