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Make a catworm

Activity make a catworm hero

Have fun making a model of a catworm and add it to your seabed in a box if you are making one.

Ages 5+

15+ minutes

Enjoy exploring seabed life by making a catworm out of plasticine. Catworms are predatory marine worms that feed in the sediment and scavenge for small animals in and on the muddy or sandy seafloor.

Activity steps

Step 1

Take a 4 cm ball of modelling clay and roll it into a long thin shape, slightly thicker at one end, and tapering at the other. It should be about 15 cm long and flattish.

Activity make a catworm 1

Step 2

Take another 1 cm ball of modelling clay for the head. Roll this into a sausage shape the same width as the thick end of the body.

Activity make a catworm 2

Step 3

Make a small indent on one end and using a modelling tool make little marks to represent the feelers around the mouth. Then attach the head to the body.

Activity make a catworm 3

Step 4

Add segments to the body by making stripes at regular intervals. A catworm usually has 90 to 200 segments, but don’t worry about doing far fewer!

Activity make a catworm 4

Step 5

Add legs along the length of the body, roughly one on either side of each segment. These can be made from rice grain-sized pieces of modelling clay or by using a toothpick or modelling tool to make indents on the side of the body

Activity make a catworm 5

Step 6

Finally, add neon paint if using to represent the organic matter attached to the side of the catworm.

Activity make a catworm 6
Safety guidance
  • Make sure that children wash their hands thoroughly after using the modelling clay and paint.
  • Work on a non-stick surface.

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