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Make a cockle

Activity make a cockle hero

Have fun making a model of a common cockle and add it to your seabed in a box if you are making one.

Ages 5+

15+ minutes

Enjoy exploring seabed life by making a cockle out of plasticine. Cockles are a type of shellfish that burrow into the sand. They feed by filtering the seawater for small particles of food.

Activity steps

Step 1

Start by making the shells. Take two balls of modelling clay about 1.5 cm to 2 cm across.

Activity make a cockle 1

Step 2

Flatten these into discs and then pinch one edge to make the shell shape. Then using your thumb make the shells into a curved shape, so you can put the body in the middle.

Activity make a cockle 2

Step 3

Decorate the outside of each shell using the toothpick or tool drawing lines from the pinched end to the outer edge.

Activity make a cockle 3

Step 4

Now make the body by taking a 1.5 cm ball of orange modelling clay, and flatten this so it will sit inside one of the sides of the shell.

Make a cockle 4

Step 5

Place the body inside one of the shells, then place the other side on top joining them at the pinched edge.

Make a cockle 5

Step 6

Complete your cockle by drawing a line around the body with a toothpick and small ‘ticks’ to show the tentacles. You can add the neon paint here to show how the cockle feeds on small particles.

Make a cockle 6
Safety guidance
  • Make sure that children wash their hands thoroughly after using the modelling clay and paint.
  • Work on a non-stick surface.

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