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Seabed in a box

Activity seabed in a box hero

This activity is a fun way to learn about some of the different animals that live on the seafloor on the continental shelf.

Ages 3+ (adult supervision)

30+ minutes

This activity can be done with plasticine animals or through colouring in pictures of seabed life. Both options are listed on the What You'll Need tab.

Activity steps
  1. If your box has flaps attached, cut these off.
  2. Colour the sides and top of the box blue using backing paper or poster paint.
  3. Colour the bottom of the box brown using backing paper, poster paint, or aluminium foil.
  4. Add shells and/or pebbles to the bottom for decoration.
  5. Add stands of pipe cleaner to represent algae growing on the seafloor.
  6. Add your model seabed animals. If you have been making these, then you can also use extra neon paint to decorate the seafloor and the water. Take a photo using a UV light for a special seabed effect.
  7. Add more animals using the paper templates and colour these in.
  8. Add small markers using folder paper around a toothpick to show which types of animals you have on show!
Safety guidance
  • Use child-safe scissors.
  • Use child-safe paper glue.
  • If cardboard needs cutting, this should be done by a supervising adult.