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Potato stamp wrapping paper

Potato stamp header

By some estimates, the UK uses 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year. Conventional wrapping paper is often made with plastic, giving it a shiny or crunchy feel. This calls for us to reflect on our gifting decisions.

In this activity you will be shaping a potato into a stamp using a paper clip. You will dip your unique potato stamp shape into paint and press against brown paper to make a decorative gift wrapping paper.

Activity steps
  1. Draw an image you would like on a scrap piece of paper. Make sure the image is no larger than the width of the potato you will be using.
  2. Cut a potato in half (you might need adult help with this).
  3. Place the image on top the cut part of the potato. You can use an elastic band to hold the paper in place.
  4. Unfold a paper clip to form a pointed end. Following the lines of your image, push the pointed end through the paper and into the potato.
  5. You should now have an outline of your image on the potato.
  6. Using the other end of the paper clip scrape out the parts of the potato that you do not want to be covered in paint.
  7. Finally, you should have your potato print stamp.
  8. Tape your scrap or brown paper to a table.
  9. Dip the potato into the paint and firmly press the potato on to your scrap or brown paper.
Further ideas

Think about combining stamps to make more complex patterns like the friendly penguin in the picture above.

You could also use a range of colours and overlap your pattern, but do remember to let the paint dry on each round, otherwise you could end up with a brown blur.