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Ocean life quiz

Activity ocean life quiz hero

This is a fun quiz to find out more about life in our ocean, using the Ocean life interactive diagram to find the answers.

Ages 7+

10+ minutes

This is a fun quiz to find out more about ocean life. Just print out the quiz sheets, and have an internet-connected computer or tablet to hand per group or student.

Activity steps
  1. Use the interactive ocean life diagram to help you answer the quiz questions.
  2. Touch the icons to find out more about the different living things in the ocean. There are three examples of ocean life for each habitat, which you can scroll through.
  3. The ocean life quiz can be played individually or in groups of two to four.
  4. If you are playing with a group, you can challenge each other to see who is the fastest.
  5. The answers to the quiz can be found on the Find Out More tab.

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