How do scientists share their findings?

Lesson overview

At the end of the expedition, teams create an expedition report to communicate their findings to a wider audience. This could take the form of a formal written report, a press release or a video. These outputs can be shared at an assembly, parents evening, with the local press and you can send a selection through to Encounter Edu ([email protected]) so that we can post them on our website.

Lesson outcomes

  • Identify reasons for communicating the findings of an expedition
  • Summarise previous learning and select appropriate secondary sources
  • Complete an expedition report
  • Present findings to peers and real audiences

Lesson steps

  1. Why do we need to share our findings? (5 mins)
    Students recognise the importance of sharing findings as firstly, not everyone can visit the coral reef and secondly the importance of raising awareness and revenue.
  2. What were your main findings? (10 mins)
    Students review their learning through identifying their main findings and select five areas to report on.
  3. Coral communications (30 mins)
    Students use a variety of resources including ICT to create a report or press release.
  4. Coral report (15 mins)
    Teams share their reports, articles, videos etc with a wider audience.