Reef builders

Lesson overview:

For teachers wishing to bring a hands-on and creative element to the unit, this lesson provides the template for building a reef in your classroom and can act as the basis for future lessons. Rather than a traditional lesson, these resources describe two possible ways of making your own reef in the classroom: reef-in-a-box and a reef mural. Depending on the time, you have available, you can either use one or both of these approaches over the course of the unit.

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe how the tiny coral animal makes the reef
  • Identify a range of living things that have their home in the coral habitat
  • Produce an artistic version of the coral habitat
  • Reflect on the diversity of life on the coral reef

Lesson steps

  1. Reef builders (10 mins)
    The real reef builder is the coral polyp that grows and forms the three-dimensional structure of the reef. Students will watch and reflect on the video Wonders of coral.
  2. Our amazing ocean (40 mins)
    Students undertake making either a reef-in-a-box or reef mural. The timing of this activity can be extended or teaching staff can assist by prepping some of the background work.
  3. Dive log (10 mins)
    Students reflect on their experiences of building their own reef by completing their dive logs.