Coral press conference

Lesson overview:

This final lesson brings together all the previous learning as the classroom expedition returns to port, and the team delivers a press conference. The output from this lesson can be a written article, a blog post, audio report, press release, or video. These outputs can be shared at an assembly, parents’ evening, with the local press, or you can send a selection through to Encounter Edu ([email protected]) so that we can post them on our website.

Learning outcomes:

  • Communicate findings using primary and secondary sources
  • Choose an appropriate format and style based on a real purpose and audience
  • Explain one’s own and others’ views about environmental change

Lesson steps

  1. Why do we need to share our findings? (10 mins)
    Explain that expeditions have to share their findings with a wider audience. Not everyone can go visit the coral reef, so the team that does visit always shares their discoveries once they return.
  2. Communicating your discovery (45 mins)
    Work with students to produce a report of their findings from their coral expedition. These could be presented using a variety of formats and some templates are provided.
  3. Coral press conference (5 mins)
    Decide with students where they will share their reports. This could be at a school assembly, parents’ evening or with local media.