Heading home

Lesson overview

After weeks in the cold, the team returns home. Towards the end of April and beginning of May, the sea ice starts to break up and life on the ice for the teams becomes increasingly difficult. This lesson introduces the main assessment piece and could be extended if students need more time.

Learning outcomes

  • Consider the difficulties of Arctic logistics
  • Develop presentation skills
  • Synthesise knowledge about the Arctic
  • Give peer feedback

Lesson steps

  1. Heading home (10 mins)
    Showing a photo of a wind sock by the Ice Base, students consider why this was needed and potentially think about the difficulties of Arctic logistics.
  2. Modelling presentation skills (10 mins)
    Model a presentation for your class, using a range of poor presentation techniques. Students will record these and then be asked to model how these could be improved.
  3. Presentation preparation (up to 80 mins)
    Explain the structure of the Arctic Ocean presentation. Students will then create a presentation to share what they have learnt during their Arctic ‘expedition’.
  4. Arctic presentations and feedback (20 mins)
    Students deliver their presentations and receive feedback from their peers.