Frozen Oceans

Geography | Ages 11-14

The Frozen Oceans Geography resources are designed to take 11-14 year-olds on a journey to the Arctic following the expedition team on the 2011 Catlin Arctic Survey.

There are seven lesson plans and activities covering extreme environments, expedition life, marine food webs, environmental changes and other issues facing this remote region. Together with the galleries and videos, these enquiry-based resources capture the scientists' experiences and research, making the discovery journey authentic and engaging.

These lessons can be combined with the annual Arctic Live event. Every spring this unique interactive event connects thousands of students worldwide to science expedition teams based at the UK Arctic Research Station in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard.

Lesson 1: Northern exposures

An introduction to the polar regions and the Catlin Arctic Survey expeditions, this lesson focuses on the journey of the team members to the Arctic.

Lesson 2: The Arctic Ocean

This lesson introduces students to the Arctic Ocean and provides a background to the physical characteristics of this frozen ocean.

Lesson 3: Life beneath the ice

Students will learn about the interdependence of life in the Arctic and also investigate how scientists study life beneath the ice.

Lesson 4: Lessons from the deep

Students will learn about the importance of the Arctic Ocean in global ocean circulation and how this impacts climate.

Lesson 5: A warming world?

Students will be introduced to some of the political and commercial pressures facing the Arctic as well as how they can stay engaged using technology.

Lesson 6: Heading home

After weeks in the cold, the team returns home. Students consider the difficulties of Arctic logistics and create their own Arctic presentations.

Lesson 7: The next chapter

Students end their Frozen Oceans journey by thinking about how they can support the Arctic Ocean and what it might take to be a member of the team.

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