Google Expeditions

Geography | Ages 7-11

These lessons can be used in conjunction with different units of work to give students an immersive experience.

These lessons will take students on expeditions to understand key physical geography themes, such as the natural environment and landscapes as well as humans actions such as recycling.


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Google Expeditions

Lesson 1: Coral bleaching

In this lesson students will use Google Expeditions to study coral bleaching events in Haiwaii, American Samoa and Australia.

Lesson 2: Geography of Mount Everest

Students use Google Expeditions to explore the physical and human characteristics of Mount Everest and understand the skills involved in climbing it.

Lesson 3: Recycling in New York

Students use Google Expeditions to develop their understanding of waste and the benefits of recycling as shown by the New York State Department.

Lesson 4: Geography of Volcanoes

Students use Google Expeditions to view 360 images of Tolbachik Volcano, and discover the components of a volcano and the elements of an eruption.

Lesson 5: Exploring the River Thames and Amazon river

In this lesson students will use Google Expeditions to compare and contrast the differences between the River Thames and the Amazon river.

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