Unit assessment

Lesson overview

This lesson is a summative assessment of the unit on oceans, climate, and human impact. Students will demonstrate their understanding of key concepts including blue carbon, human activities on the continental shelf, ocean ecosystem services, and international climate agreements through a variety of question types.

Learning objectives
  • Assess knowledge of key ocean and climate concepts
  • Evaluate understanding of human impacts on marine ecosystems
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze data related to ocean acidification
  • Synthesise information to discuss ocean protection and climate change mitigation strategies
Lesson steps

1. Introduction (5 minutes)

Explain the assessment format and timing and distribute Student Sheet Unit assessment: Ocean & Climate.

2. Assessment (50 minutes)

Students complete the assessment. Depending on the ability of your class, the amount of time for the assessment can be shortened to allow time for peer or self assessment. There are mark scheme and model answer Answer Sheets to support this.

3. Conclusion (5 minutes)

Collect papers and conduct a brief discussion on assessment experience and the unit.