What can I do? Part two

Lesson overview

In the last lesson students review the success of their campaign and the impact it had on plastic consumption. They review their targets, reflect on what went well and decide what they would do differently. They then share their results and discuss what they could do going forward. The unit of work could end with an assembly for students to share their findings and continue to spread their message.

Learning outcomes
  • Review the impact of their campaign
  • Reflect on achievements and challenges
  • Share their findings and results with a wider audience
  • Discuss what they plan to do next
Lesson steps
  1. Review (10 mins)
    In groups students discuss their experiences, what they discovered, their results and anything that surprised them.
  2. Achievements and challenges (10 mins)
    They then go decide what has been their greatest achievement and what challenges they’ve encountered.
  3. Presentation (30 mins)
    In groups students prepare a brief presentation to share with a wider audience telling the story of their campaign and highlighting what they achieved, what they found challenging and what they would do differently.
  4. The future (10 mins)
    In a whole class discussion, students reflect on the future of their campaigns and their thoughts on the future of ocean plastic pollution.