What lives in the deep sea?

Lesson overview

This lesson explores the depth of the ocean through creating a scale diagram of the different ocean zones and identifying significant points within these zones. Students will consider why deep sea exploration is so challenging for humans and the different issues scientists have to overcome. This lesson allows students to examine submersibles and identify their main differences.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify living things, habitats and environments
  • Understand the scale and depth of the ocean
  • Make accurate measurements
  • Explain why ocean exploration is challenging for humans
  • Describe how different submersibles make ocean exploration possible
  • Identify significant ocean zones

Lesson steps

  1. The deep sea (10 mins)
    Students study Diagram: Deep ocean poster and discuss why most life exists in the sunlight zone.
  2. The depth of the ocean (20 mins)
    Students go into the playground (or school hall) to map out a scaled version of the deep ocean and locate significant markers.
  3. Deep sea challenges (15 mins)
    Students discuss why deep ocean exploration is challenging for humans and observe different examples of submersibles.
  4. Mapping ocean zones (15 mins)
    Students identify the deep ocean zones and add significant markers.