UK marine habitats with Dr Susana Lincoln

Lesson overview

The ocean is not a giant bathtub nor swimming pool, but is composed of different habitats like on land. In this lesson, students learn about the five major marine habitats around the UK and the different conditions in each one. In the following lesson, students will investigate the different types of marine life that live in each habitat.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify marine habitats and microhabitats
  • Describe the features of major marine habitats
  • Describe how some habitats change using science words

Lesson steps

  1. Mission statement from Dr Susana Lincoln (10 mins)
    Students are introduced to the variety of UK marine habitats by Dr Susana Lincoln.
  2. Habitats and conditions (15 mins)
    Students use a card sort activity to identify the different habitats and conditions in the seas around the UK.
  3. Marine habitat dictogloss (25 mins)
    Using a dictogloss activity, students refine their ideas about the different marine habitats and their conditions, including introducing the process of tides. Key words can be written on the board.
  4. The variety of the UK seas (10 mins)
    Students demonstrate learning through completing a marine habitats and conditions poster.
  5. Reflection (10 mins)
    Students reflect on their learning, considering what they have learnt, what connects to their prior knowledge and what they still want to know.