Coral Live Prep 11-14

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Lesson overview

This lesson is designed to prepare Key Stage 3 (KS3) students for their upcoming Coral Live 2019 session. Students are introduced to the wonders of the coral reef and the adventures of the XL Catlin Seaview Survey. Students will embark on their journey to become coral explorers, finding out where coral reefs can be found. After exploring the wonders of the coral reef, students will generate their own questions in preparation for the Coral Live 2019 session.

Learning outcomes
  • Know that we live on a blue planet
  • Describe the location and distribution of coral reefs
  • Identify the main features of the coral habitat
  • Formulate higher order questions
  • Reflect on the wonders of the coral reef
Lesson steps
  1. Quiz (10 mins)
    Students complete a true or false quiz. This will test their knowledge of the oceans.
  2. Locating coral reefs (10 mins)
    Students list the countries where coral reefs are located. Following this, students will describe the distribution of coral reefs around the world.
  3. Looking at coral reefs (10 mins)
    After looking at two videos and a gallery, students will identify some characteristics and features of the coral reefs.
  4. Generating pre-submitted questions (25 mins)
    Students will use de Bono’s six thinking hats to generate a number of questions they can ask scientists or experts during the upcoming broadcasts.
  5. Plenary (5 mins)
    Students list three things they have learnt this lesson.
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