How to: Create a placemarker in Google Earth Pro

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Creating a placemark

1. To create a new placemark, click on the drawing pin icon.

2. A drawing pin with a yellow flashing box around it will appear on the map. You can drag this to your exact location using thee cursor and mouse. (Note: zoom in for greater accuracy).

3. A dialogue box will also appear. Type a name for your placemark.

4. You can also write a description in this area, which will be displayed when you click on the icon.

5. Once you have chosen the location, names and description, click ‘OK’.

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Editing a placemark

Once you have created your placemark it will appear in the ‘temporary Place’ area in the Places panel. You can edit the placemark, including changing its position:

6. Right click on the placemark name in the Places panel.

7. Select ‘Properties’ at the bottom of the pop-up menu.

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Coral Oceans Science 14 16 Thumb

Science | Ages 14-16

Coral Oceans

This Coral Oceans GCSE Science unit of work challenges students to think about the impact they have on coral reefs as they study their importance, the consequences of threats and how to protect them. The cumulative approach to this unit means students will develop skills throughout to complete a decision-making exercise in the last lesson.