Encounter Edu gets a vote of confidence with ASE Green Tick

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UK Association of Science Education (ASE) gives Encounter Edu's website and available teachers' resources big vote of confidence by awarding the education agency the Green Tick last December.

"The dynamic website is easy to navigate and is regularly refreshed with the latest trending videos and new content. One could dip in and out; the high quality of the resource means that you will not have to look far before finding something that will really work with your students" states ASE on its website.

Among the services the professional association provides are expert evaluations of some of the latest resources and publications on the market.

The evaluations act as a benchmark on whether the resources are suitable to teachers and whether they fit with a school's over teaching and learning strategy.

When it comes to Encounter Edu, "There is a lot of potential for using these resources to deliver things that you already teach", states the review. "Some teachers will welcome the detailed lesson plans and may choose to drop them straight into their schemes of work.... It is also easy to envisage them providing a highly engaging term’s worth of activities for a STEM club", the ASE reviewer continues.

ASE evalutations are carried out by their experts in particular fields. They identify areas of both strength and weaknesses on publications from major educational publishers, to help make informed purchasing decision.

Luckily for Encounter Edu, "There is very little to criticize about the resource, such is the attention to detail. It would have been preferable that CO2 had not been written as ‘CO2’, but at least ‘pH’ is correct", states the review.

The review concludes that, "This is a tremendous resource, which covers a range of topical science issues and curriculum content, in a highly engaging way. The resources go way beyond the dry science, computing and geography and bring in varied rich contexts that just could be light bulb moments for youngsters as they develop their ambitions for the future."

To learn more about the ASE Green Tick contact, Rebecca Dixon-Watmough, Business Development Manager: [email protected], +44 1254 247 764