Designing our smart city pt. 1

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Lesson overview

In the last section of this unit of work, your class will take part in a Design Thinking Workshop that can be delivered as three one hour sessions or combined as a half day activity.

In part one of the workshop, your class will use personas to empathise with different types of people. They will then use these insights to brainstorm ways that robots and autonomous vehicles can improve lives or solve problems.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand that design is a process
  • Name at least one job associated with design
  • Describe basic design thinking techniques
  • Understand that issues affect people in different ways
  • Empathise with different people and describe how they might see the world
  • Think creatively to generate solutions to problems
  • Share and evaluate their own ideas

Lesson steps

  1. Video opener (5 mins)
    Introduction to design thinking. This workshop’s challenge is to use design to solve the problems of citizens living in a city of the future.
  2. Classroom discussion (10 mins)
    Students will discuss the video and share ways they’ve solved problems in that past.
  3. Design thinking: empathise (15 mins)
    Students will use character personas to empathise with different people and their travel related problems.
  4. Design thinking: ideate (20 mins)
    Students will complete a class brainstorming activity then work in groups to brainstorm ideas to make life better for the character personas.
  5. Reflect (10 mins)
    Students will reflect on their brainstorming activity then share their best and worst ideas.

Equipment required (per group)

No additional equipment beyond the lesson resources are necessary.