Ocean Heroes

Science / Geography | Ages 7-11

This is a comprehensive unit to introduce primary-aged students to ocean and sustainability topics. There is a special inclusion of blue carbon habitats including the wonders of seagrass meadows, mangrove forests, and saltmarshes. There is also a fun practical showing how worms could be one of the most important animals for a health ocean!

All lessons explore National Curriculum themes across the science and geography programmes of study. The lessons show how a healthy and diverse ocean can be a great ally in tackling climate change.

Lesson 1: Earth's life support, the carbon cycle

This introductory lesson looks at the scientific processes and concepts of the carbon cycle, leading to a role play activity.

Lesson 2: Deep trouble in the ocean!

This lesson focuses on the impact of climate change on the ocean with a case study on the coral reefs of the Maldives.

Lesson 3: Blue carbon to the rescue

This lesson introduces students to the idea of blue carbon habitats. It is centred around a data activity to show how habitats like mangroves can…

Lesson 4: Life in a seagrass meadow

Take your class to the seagrass meadows off Sicily to develop classification skills and learn about blue carbon habitats.

Lesson 5: Mangroves matter massively

Visit the mangrove forests of Indonesia and learn about how different groups view the mangroves, before seeing how they can come together to protect…

Lesson 6: Save our saltmarshes

Visit the saltmarsh of the Solent in the UK and learn about how life is connected through food chains and webs, before thinking about how these…

Lesson 7: Could worms save the world?

This lesson focuses on marine sediment as a habitat as a whole, with an introduction to the habitat of the continental shelf, the subject of the…

Lesson 8: Let's get fish smart

This lesson examines the issue of overfishing and the impact of different fishing techniques.

Lesson 9: Become an ocean hero

This lesson brings the unit together, with students learning from young ocean heroes, developing persuasive communications, and making their own…

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