Oceans for beginners

Cross-curricular | Ages 5-7

This series of three lessons sets the scene for students who are about to commence Ocean Plastics 5-7, or as a standalone unit to introduce the idea of ocean literacy.

The lessons introduce students to the awe and wonder of the ocean and its inhabitants building a love for marine wildlife and a desire to protect it. The unit goes on to explore some of the many ways we depend on the ocean, from food to livelihoods.

Finally, this unit introduces students to what is meant by marine plastic pollution and highlights some of the issues which will be explored in more detail in the full Key Stage 1 unit Ocean Plastics 5-7.

Lesson 1: Our wonderful oceans 5-7

This lesson introduces students to the marine habitat and the wealth and diversity of life found in the ocean.

Lesson 2: Our ocean and us 5-7

In this lesson students learn about how we use the sea through a quiz and reflect on how dependent we all are on the ocean for resources.

Lesson 3: Our ocean in crisis 5-7

Students will be introduced to the idea of marine plastics pollution and find out about an ‘Ocean hero’.

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